Video analytics for process control.

A software system for generalized, modular, scalable and reusable video analytics for autonomous process control applications.

What is Virify?

Virify is a software system for generalized, modular, scalable and reusable video analytics for autonomous process control applications.

Generalized in the sense that the Virify system has a standardized infrastructure and internal intercommunication that is identical in all applications and that is fully independent of the different analytic tasks.

Modular in the sense that all parts of the system are standalone executables communicating over TCP connections.

Scalable in the sense that the modules can be distributed over as many computers as required to manage the computations and as many modules as needed can be combined in a system.

Reusable in the sense that, aside from the actual algorithm module, all processing modules are the same in all applications. Even the algorithm module (i.e Object module) can be reused with different configuration in reasonably similar processes to be analysed.

How can we help you?


In sawmills we can help raise productivity and resource utilization by measuring log input, by automation of sorting and by providing events to control an even flow, avoiding congestion issues.

Paper Mills

In paper mills we can establish continuous measurement of rolls and alert of deviations from planned production. We can also inspect and verify quality of wrapping, packaging and labelling.

Customized Solutions

Virify can be used in creation of digital copies of the production flow, enabling surface inspection, volume measurement, over- and underfill alerts and as a source of KPIs.

A smart solution for paper roll packaging. 

Virify is launching an application suite designed for paper mills, allowing your cameras to control the quality defining elements in paper and carton roll packaging.


Who are we?

We are a specialized department within VideONet. Our business is to develop and deploy straightforward process control functionalities through video analytics.

Our Business

We are on a mission to enable digitalization of manually handled stations in process industries. Our method is integration of modular video analytics on our standardized reusable platform infrastructure, Virify™. As all installations are built on the same infrastructure we are keeping down all cost aspects, while ensuring a stable functionality.

Why Us?

We base our domain knowledge on our team members educational background and professional experience. The team stands on the firm foundation of Nilhe's 40 year experience as an integrator and VideONet's 20 years as developer of advanced video management systems for process industry projects.


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