Paper Mills

Virify analytics digitalizes paper mills.

Virify is a digitalization tool where measurement, surface inspection and label reading can be automated in many stations from winder to warehouse. Using sawmill solutions even the log chipping can be automated. All measured values can be compared to order data, alerts on deviations can be given, and KPIs can be generated from data series or aggregated values.

Roll Widths

Virify provides a digital serial measurement of cut paper widths with hundreds of measured values per roll, as well as the ability to alert on deviation from production data.


Virify's ability to analyze surfaces and textures makes it possible to automate inspection of wrapping and packaging. Each roll is given a packaging quality value and rejects can be automatically returned.


Label print quality and label placement detection alerts are handled with Virify, deviations are documented in images and data.

Wood Chipping

Detect log congestion on stoker table and conveyors. With a creative connection to drive systems, many congestions can be handled automatically.